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From river cruises to safari expeditions, from the Caribbean to Europe, and all the gorgeous destinations in between, there is no adventure like traveling this wide beautiful world. And there is no better feeling than going Off on Vacation! Here are a few of our favorites we'd love to help you discover...


Europe is a continent of unique offerings complete with towering castles and expansive coastlines. While each country and region has its own distinct architecture, both new and old, there is a historical charm throughout waiting to fascinate you.

Both Diane and Becky dream of living in Europe. The culinary indulgences alone, from the street food to the Michelin Star restaurants, will have you falling in love with this desirable destination. When you're not tasting the flavors of the land, you can stroll the many vineyards, hike the countryside, and cruise the winding rivers.

River Cruises

While not exactly a single destination, river cruises are one of our favorite vacation experiences. Like no other method of travel, you can enjoy the beauty of multiple countries all from the luxury of your floating resort!

Explore Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond, by river. Unlike the crowded cruise ships you may be more accustom to, these excursions are often intimate with thoughtfully planned details. Enjoy the ultimate in high quality all-inclusive service, food and wine paired to various destinations, and unique adventures at each port such as hot air balloon rides and wine cellar tours.

"One of my favorite things is to collect new mugs at the Christmas markets along the Danube River." - Diane

French Polynesia

Comprised of over 100 islands in the South Pacific, French Polynesia is truly an idyllic paradise. Known for their unique over-the-crystal-clear-water bungalows, the area is a favorite destination for tranquil, romantic getaways. Explore the lush, tropical environment and immerse yourself in Polynesian culture. From the views to the cuisine, it's all exquisite, right down to the hint of Tahitian vanilla in the air.

Diane shares "I love everything it has to offer. From the food, like French Vanilla Mahi Mahi -- absolutely to die for -- to the serenity of sleeping in an overwater bungalow."


Africa boasts endless adventures no matter your vacation style. Take in the vast array of wildlife, migrate across the Serengeti, visit Victoria Falls, spend a day in the vineyards of South Africa, or trek the sand dune in Namibia. Other unrivaled experiences include...

• Safari with gorillas of Uganda or Rwanda.
• Explore the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
• Sail to the islands of Mozambique.
• Pray in Moroccan mosques. 

Diane considers the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to be one her favorites, housing the largest collection of artifacts found at pyramid sites in the world. "I grew up wanting to visit the pyramids, and when I finally went, it exceeded all expectations," she reminisced.

Luxury Trains

Another on our list that is less destination, more mode of transportation, but we would be remiss to not share the pure joy of this vacation experience. It's one filled with nostalgia, romance, and unforgettable scenery. Your luxurious, bespoke adventure is only a ticket away. 

All aboard for your intimate escape through the countryside -- favorites include the Belmond Royal Scotsman (Scotland and England), Belmond Grand Hibernian (Scotland and Ireland), and the Belmond Orient Express. Each boasts divine culinary experiences and relaxing spa services to enjoy as you tour the land by train.

Photo courtesy of Belmond Ltd.

Luxury Ocean Cruises

Set sail on the Seven Seas with a luxury ocean cruise. Fleet options range from yacht inspired ships, windjammers, expedition ships, to the most luxurious cruise ships imaginable.

While the larger ships often offer more amenities aboard, the small luxury vessels can sail more easily into tight harbors and ports giving varied experiences for whatever vacation you desire.

Shown here is the Regent Mariner in Montenegro.

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