Tahiti – Moorea – Bora Bora – island names that call romantics to escape, adventurers to explore and all to embrace the exotic unspoiled beauty of the islands in French Polynesia.




Tahiti is Closer Than You Think - only 8 hours by air from Los Angeles.  If your coming from the east coast, you'll add 6 hours plus airport transit time onto that total!




French Polynesia is composed of 118 islands divided into 5 archipelagos located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.  Truly one of the last unspoiled places on planet Earth.




Let the people of Tahiti call you home.

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Credits to TahitiTourisme ChrisMcClennan, InterContinental Hotel Group, Le Tahiti traveler, and the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa for the images and video.